Direct Primary Care Bootcamp with Dr. Brian Forrest


Everything you need to start your own DPC practice

Dr. Forrest started the first DPC family practice 20 years ago, was a cofounder of the DPC Summit, and helped the AAFP develop workshops and toolkits for helping physicians move to this model. We offer a mentorship-type consulting where we create a business plan, pricing and marketing strategy, and train clinicians and staff on the nuts and bolts of making the model work.  DPC Bootcamp training will also include reviewing regulatory issues, reviewing your electronic files, reviewing patient contracts, and assistance with educating and training your office staff. Your practice will be listed as a member of our network, and you will have full access to DPC University training and educational content for 1 year.


Typically, we send out a set of homework questions and then use that to customize some business options for you. We provide patient contracts, regulatory guidance, government forms needed, etc.  and spend a total of approximately 16 hours with each trainee. We have an extensive network of other physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants that have gone through this transition successfully. It usually takes 3-6 months to get you ready to open. DPC Bootcamp trainings are typically scheduled for Fridays to make travel easier and minimize the number of days you are absent from your practice.